The guild has two groups; both meet on the second Thursday of each month at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church located at 547 6th Street NW; Hickory, NC 29601.

The "Day Group" meets at 10:00 AM and the "Night Group" meets at 6:30 PM.

Combined meetings are held in June and December at 6:00 PM.

Visitors are always welcome to attend and new members may join any time during the year.


Dues are $20.00 per calendar year.  Continuing members are asked to pay annual dues at the December meeting for the next calendar year.

Dues are $10.00 per half year for those new members joining after June of the current year.

Name Badges

All members are encouraged to wear hand-crafted name tags.


The Library is located in the back of the Holy Trinity Conference Room and is open 30 minutes before each meeting.  Only two items should be checked out at one time and should be returned within one month.  There is a $1 charge for overdue books.

A list of items currently stocked in the Library can be downloaded in MS Excel 1997-2003 or 2013 versions below.


Members who are authorized to make purchases for the guild may submit their receipts and Expense Voucher (download below) to the current Treasurer.

Member Downloads

CVQG Library List v 2003 (xls)


CVQG Library List v 2013 (xlsx)


Expense Voucher (pdf)